Where and when do we meet?

We meet at last Tuesday of every month at Harris Co. Ag Center Building. Note There is no meeting in September because of the RODEO. Also we combine the November and December meetings to accommodate the Holidays. Watch website, emails and Harris Co. journal for postings of meeting dates and times.

What exactly do the Cattlemen’s do for the community?

As the HCCA was founded over 30 years ago, we have worked to educate ourselves and the community on livestock, land ownership, conservation and the environment. We are one of the original sponsors of the Relay for Life in Harris County. We’ve sponsored over 2 decades of professional rodeo entertainment and several other youth and community activities.

What is the Harris County Cattlemen’s Association?

The HCCA was founded in April 1983 and was named Chapter of the Year in 2008 by the Georgia Cattlemen’s Association, for having the greatest impact on our local community by giving back and supporting the agri-cultural and cattle industry throughout the year.

How can I get involved?

Come to a meeting and volunteer with the association at the various events. Contact one of the board members and express your willingness to volunteer.

When and where is the annual rodeo?

Rodeo takes place at the Mike Tracy Arena in Hamilton, GA, on a weekend of September. Date is usually posted on the website.

How Can I become a Member of the HCCA?

On the Georgia Cattlemen’s Association website, you can find the member form. There are four different types of members that range from Sirloin to Tenderloin. Complete the membership form on the GCA website to join the HCCA chapter.

You can also complete a membership form at a meeting.

Where can I buy tickets for the rodeo?

Tickets can be purchased at the gates.

Is the HCCA a non-profit organization?

Yes, the HCCA is a 501C3 organization.

Do I have to be a farmer to participate in HCCA events?

Nope! Our members range from tradesmen, business owners, policemen, firefighters, etc. If you believe in a rural lifestyle, please join the HCCA at any of our steak dinners, the PCA rodeo and other events that we support.

How often does the HCCA hold a steak dinner?

The last Tuesday of every month, the HCCA flame cooks steaks. Make sure to always call in advance to make your reservation.

(706) 628-4274

How much are the monthly steak dinners?

$15.00. for members & $17.00 for non-members. This includes rib-eye steak, baked potato, roll, salad (with all the fixings), dessert and sweet/unsweet tea.

Be sure to call in advance to make sure you get a plate!

(706) 628-4274